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How Our Family Company Came To Be

About five years ago, during a memorable dinner in London, my sons were preparing a family meal. 

As the aroma of our cooking filled the air, my older son suddenly voiced a thought that had crossed his mind.

"Dad," he began, "considering your two decades of experience in the construction sector, have you ever thought about establishing your own construction company?"

I chuckled at the suggestion, appreciating their enthusiasm, but I explained that it wasn't feasible at that moment. Looking back, it's clear that my sons were still quite innocent in understanding the complexities of such a decision. I've always been dedicated to providing the best for my family, and venturing into entrepreneurship from a steady and prosperous job was no easy undertaking. 

Time has granted me the wisdom to truly comprehend the weight of those words.

Now named Robert & Sons, the company represents the joint effort of my two sons and myself. It was a name chosen simply because my sons wanted to support me. Also due to the fact that robert-and-sons.com was readily available on Google Domains for a reasonable £12 for a three-year period.

My sons took charge of the business aspects related to the paperwork, such as website development—my older son was an IT developer, and my younger son was learning about IT. They handled (and still do) marketing, sales, finances, and legal matters adeptly, whereas I handle the practical side of the business.

They created the company's website and established the company as a sole proprietorship, even though we hadn't secured any clients at that point. When they informed me of their initiative, I rolled my eyes in jest, but their effort genuinely pleased me. 

I made a pact that I would dedicate myself to running the company full time if inquiries from potential clients started pouring in. I also reached out to some of my former clients to spread the word. This was back in 2019.

Fast forward to this year, 2023, as I pen this "about us" section. Our company has flourished, now employing over 10 skilled individuals from all over Europe. We've had the privilege of aiding more than 70 clients, successfully completing in excess of 80 projects in London, and its surrounding areas, and a couple of projects in Poland. 

I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our journey thus far. The road has been challenging but filled with opportunities, and we eagerly anticipate continuing to share this journey with you.

Wishing you all the best, 

Robert & Family

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Address: 7 Fritham Close, New Malden, KT3 5JN, London, UK

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